26 November 2020 to 21 February 2021
Europe/London timezone
Please read all the tabs on this website before applying to the competition!!

Competition procedure

1. Screening round

The conveners will screen the application and could re-assign the field or choose the suitable field for the abstract and then will send to the abstract pool in that field

2. Preliminary round

The abstract will be anonymously assessed by at least three reviewers which are the expert researchers in the topic of the abstract. Each reviewer will give the score for each criterion. Five abstracts that have the highest score in each field will proceed to the final round and will be "the finalists" The next three abstracts that have the lower score will proceed to the E-poster presentation and will be "the E-poster presenters"

3.1 Final round

Each finalist will give a 10-minutes oral presentation on their abstract and followed by 10-minutes Q&A. The judge on the day will evaluate the winner for each field along with the Best Abstract and Best Presentation award.

3.2 E-poster presentation

All 18 E-poster presenters (three from each field) will present their E-poster which will consist of 

  • 1-minute pitching: aiming to attract the audience to visit their E-poster booth.

  • E-poster online booth: where the audience can view the E-poster and can have the real-time Q&A. 

After the presentation, judges and the audience will vote on the People's choice awards and Judges' choice award.